Vidéos de Prague

I forgot to include these in my previous blog post!

Here’s a video of the Astronomical Clock at one o’clock:

Here’s a video of some of the street artists in Prague:

And now I’d like to talk about the video I didn’t take (but everyone else chose to). There was a man in a popular square dressed up as an American Indian (Native American) and painted his face red and was “dancing” around and mocking the Native American “primitive” culture.  I found this offensive.  The European view of American Indians is upsetting.  I highly doubt you would see a person dressed up as a different ethnicity and dancing around and being mocked. Also at Halloween stores (which are rare but existent in Paris), you can dress up as a “Native American” but they don’t have costumes for any other ethnicity… We actually had a guest speaker today in my Cinéma course who was talking about the representation of America in Europe and he spoke about George Catlin.  He was a promoter of Native American culture and strongly against westward expansion into Native American lands.  He painted hundreds of paintings of Native Americans and their culture.  He painted a few notable shocking portraits of Native Americans in famous luxurious locations in Paris to create controversy.


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  1. Dear Michaela, I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog. It seems to me that you’ve made the utmost of this summer’s opportunity at school and all over Europe. I’m impressed that you squeezed as many experiences in as you did! Thank you sooo much for all the details and photos. I had never heard of George Catlin, so I’m glad the had the lesson today about his impressive life’s work. Each travelogue was both educational and fascinating and fun, through your eyes. It was a special to see Rodie and Melody with you for the very special and unique Thanksgiving celebration. Have a wonderful time in Italy and a safe trip back to the States. I hope to thank you in person sometime in the next year…with affection, Ricci

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