Thanksgiving à la française

After having class all day (even Starbucks spelled my name correctly for the first time!!), I came home to a lovely Thanksgiving feast!  I was so grateful to have a lovely Thanksgiving with my French host family and my real family! I was super thankful that everyone spoke English so my mom and grandma could converse freely and I didn’t have to translate all night! My host father cooked a delicious thanksgiving dinner for my whole family and some of his friends! The dishes we had:

  • leek soup
  • some sort of bird… although it wasn’t turkey (our oven is too small)
  • mashed potatoes
  • sweet potato casserole
  • broccoli casserole
  • french bread
  • green beens
  • “cranberry” sauce; although it was some relative to cranberries
  • and a lovely Pistachio and Cherry dessert!!

Not completely the American-style that I’ve experienced, but I sure enjoyed the experience!!! Check out the lovely photos!!


One thought on “Thanksgiving à la française

  1. It was a delicious meal, fine company and wonderful to share in some of what you have been doing in Paris! I am so impressed with all you have managed in the last 2-3 months. You are amazing! Thank you for all you did to make the visit special! I miss you already!

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