I went to a concert!  EDUCO let each person choose between four concerts and go to one for free!  I didn’t know any of the groups very well so I ended up choosing the date that worked best with my schedule and my friend’s schedules.

So last night we went to see Revolver.  They reminded me a little of the Beatles. The concert was at Olympia, a famous concert venue! It was in the Opéra part of Paris, near Galleries Layfayette!  The building was huge for Paris standards, but the smallest I’ve ever been to a concert in.  We had seats all in a row in the balcony, but since the building wasn’t that huge, we had a decent view.

The lights and smoke and overall visual effect really surprised me.  It wasn’t anything over the top or super unusual, but I felt like it complimented the music extremely well.  The group sang in English, which I wasn’t expecting.  I only knew one song, and that’s because it was a cover of an American song (I’m not sure the name of it, but the chorus goes “Stop, children, what’s that sounds … everybody look what’s goin’ down”).   My row of fellow Americans sang along to that song.  We probably looked silly because no one was really singing along to the lyrics, but at the same time it was a concert in English.  But after all, most french people listen to American/English music.

Instead of singing, the crowd screamed and made “ouuuuu” noises. In-between songs when the group would talk that was of course in French and I could tell French was the native language of the group and when they spoke English I could hear an accent, but when they sang English I couldn’t really hear an accent.

One part of the experience really made me laugh.  Sometimes in concerts the band will ask a question and the crowd screams “yahhh” in agreement, but here it would be “oui” but to my American ears I hear “weeeeeeeeeeeee!” and I chuckle.

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