Résumé des Voyages

My trip to Belgium marks my last voyage outside of Paris before my time here is done.  I wanted to provide a summary of all the voyages so if you’re interested feel free to click on any of the town names and it will direct you to that blog post!

B. Giverny (Real-life impressionisme)

D. Loire Valley (Castles, Cheese and Wine)

F. Amiens ( Tallest and most asymmetrical Cathedral)

H. Versailles (Castle that led to French Revolution)

J. Berlin (Bread, Beer, and Bikes in Germany!!)

L. Chartres (Stained Glass isn’t just for cathedrals)

N. Reims (Champagne)

P. Prague (part 2, part 3) (Disneyland for Adults in the Czech Republic)

R. Metz (If France and Germany had a child)

T. Bruxelles (Waffles, Chocolate, and EU Parliament)



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