EDUCO provided a trip for all students to Reims!!! In case you didn’t know, this is the capital of the Champagne region of France!  And all champagne comes from this region… otherwise it’s just “bubbly wine” which can come from anywhere.

We started our day with a tour of Notre Dame de Reims.  This cathedral was similar to the one I saw in Chartres.  Unfortunately this cathedral was bombed during the 20th century and had to be rebuilt.  When the rebuilt it, the made some of the stained glass windows into abstract art!!! I found this super interesting and it definitely made the cathedral unique.  This cathedral is also famous for its “smiling angels” take a look at my photos, these angels are so charming!!

We went to a lovely lunch at a super nice restaurant.  I had a great salad, followed by a main dish which contained lots of fresh veggies and BRUSSEL SPROUTS…. Now I have never in my life tasted Brussel Sprouts so I was a little nervous.  However, I really enjoyed them (granted this was a delightful and really nice restaurant, I’m not sure if I would like them if they were cooked poorly…).

In the afternoon we went to a Champagne cave/museum.  We went down into the cave and learned all about the process of making champagne.  Our tour guide happend to be Spanish so French wasn’t his first language.  Surprisingly, it was more difficult for me to understand him because of a slight accent… I can only imagine what it’s like when other people hear me speak french and french isn’t their native language…  We got to go through their museum and then have a champagne tasting.  I chose to taste the demi-sec so it was a sweeter champagne.  It was the first time I’ve ever actually liked champagne… but this was a very nice place so it was very nice champagne!!

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