Quinoa Milk

I have just one word to say: Disaster!

As a side note, they don’t refrigerate milk here.  They use a process called Ultra-high-temperature-processing so they don’t have to refrigerate it. I still haven’t decided if I am okay with this so I’ve searched for non-dairy alternatives.

About a week earlier I tried some Rice Milk that was absolutely, oh my gosh, amazing!!! So I saw this quinoa milk and thought… why not??  I was under the impression the word “coco” would mean it was chocolate.  After drinking the milk for about a week I offered some of it to my friend, who proceeded to tell me that it wasn’t chocolate, it was coconut….. no wonder I never tasted the chocolate.  Then I remembered that cacao is chocolate in French and coco is coconut… oops.

So it’s actually a milk blend of rice, quinoa, and coconut…. all of which have very distinct flavors and none of which actually taste like milk 😛

To say the least, I’ll stick to my rice milk from now on 🙂



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