Prague: Old Town Square and Castle

So on Friday evening we arrived in Prague!!!  We first went and explored all around the Old Town Square! It’s simply beautiful!  Then we went to an Irish bar and finally had Bailey’s Coffee!!  We’ve been wanting to try it and it’s so expensive in Paris.  The exchange rate is pretty nice here… it’s about 25 Czech to 1 euro or 20 Czech to 1 dollar.  My first impression was : oh my gosh, this looks like DisneyLand.  The architecture is simply stunning.

We went to check into our apartment.  We are renting an apartment for the three nights.  They actually gave us the wrong apartment so they gave us a night for free!  So with this discount we ended up only spending 35 euros each to pay for it (only 11.6 euros a night per person!!!).  It has a full kitchen so we went to a grocery store and got goodies to snack on and food to make for breakfasts!

We met with our other friend staying with us and we went to dinner.  We went to a really nice Italian place and shared pizza.  There was live music playing that was fantastic!  While this restaurant was super nice for Prague, it’s price was about the equivalent of a relatively cheap restaurant in Paris.

We slept super well and made a breakfast feast!  This morning we took a walk through Old Town Square to Charles’ Bridge and up to Prague castle.  This bridge goes over the river that runs through prague.  It has beautiful statues on both sides along the way, and some street music and some little venders.  I tried some of their famous mulled wine because it was a little chilly this morning. It smells just like hot apple cider, but it is hot spiced wine instead of apple juice.  The Prague castle was interesting.  It wasn’t as phenomenal as the Castle’s in the Loire, but nonetheless it was a nice cultural experience.  The castle was actually pretty small and we could only see small parts of it, but the castle area had multiple other things to see in the location so we had a great time ( and everyone speaks English ).  The cathedral was very similar to what I’ve seen in France, but the Basilica was quite different, and much smaller and with beautiful wrap-around staircases.  Unfortunately I couldn’t take photos in the castle nor the basilica. Then we went to the Golden Lane: a gorgeous row of painted shops and recreations.

Next we tried at Trollo, which is the Czech interpretation of a churro! It’s dough rolled onto a cylinder and rolled into cinnamon and sugar and walnuts.  Then it goes into a heater and afterwards it gets more cinnamon and sugar and walnuts. Therefore it was hard and sugary on the outside and soft and doughy inside.  We had a beautiful view of all of Prague from the castle!

Next we ent to a toy museum.  It is the second largest toy museum of its type in the world!!!  The biggest is in Malaysia, I had to look that one up.  The bottom floor was full of all types of toys, and it had a Christmas theme.  There was the history and the story of the Christmas Tree throughout the rooms that I found super fascinating!  The top floor was all barbies…. all types of barbies… Starwars barbies, pregnant barbies, High School Musical barbies, Christmas barbies… etc.

We also visited the Church of Our Lady in front of Týn.  Again photos weren’t allowed.. but this church was very different…. Instead of stain glass windows, it had gold leaf EVERYWHERE.

Also, marionettes are all over the place!!  I took some photos of funny looking once! Check out all my photos from my first day in Prague!!

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