Planning and mishaps

I scared my host sister today, because my tooth brush made noise. She had never seen an electric tooth brush before!  also, i learned that i live right by where Marie Curie discovered radiuim.

I apologize in advance for typos in this post.  I am at the EDUCO center typing on a french keyboard and the keys are all in different places and the computer autocorrects in French.

With the EDUCO, we get lots of fun excursions and experiences during our stay here.  For example tomorrow i am going to Giverny.  Later on in the semester, I have plans with EDUCO to go to Reims which is in the champagne region.  One of the best things about france is that it is so small that it is possible to take a day trip to just about anyzhere.  I am possibly the most excited about going to Metz , which is in Lorraine.  In all my european history classes we learned about two regions (currently in France) called  Alsace-Lorraine.  Throughout history these regions were claimed by Germany to be German and by France to be French. This became a place of huburius where both countries desperately want this land.  Needless to say this land has changed hands hundreds of time as France and Germany have butted heads all throughout history ( and with that changed language,currency,laws,etc).

At the end of this month I am going to the castles of the Loire Valley. And in December I am headed to Brussels in Belgium.  All of these are with EDUCO so I get to go for free or for super reduced rates.  Also, on each city I linked it to an info page, so click on the names of the cities.

Yesterday I went to Notre Dame with some friends.  It was just as magical as the last time I went.  We chose to go on a rainy Wednesday because it was not crowded at all.  Afterwards we sat in the middle and it was super relaxing.

I have had two french mishaps lately.  First of all the numbers on one side of the street are not necessarily the close to the numbers on the other side of the street.  I was looking for the number 60 and on the other side of the rue it was only 43 so I figured I had a  ways to go, but I ended up passing the building I needed because I couldnt see the numbers on my side of the road because they were too high.  I also went to a student restaurant during the hours it was listed to be open, after trying all the doors on the building and getting tempoorarily locked in, I learn thtat it was actually closed.

I also got thrown out of a convenient store for being American.  I was with a friend after dinner and  we were looking for an after dinner snack.  An American (old man) hears our accent and asks if we are american; then he immediately starts talking positively about Obama. I thought this wasnt a big deal but then the shop keeper overhears our american conversation and the old man starts saying some french really fast to the shop keeper, from what my friend and i can glean it is about africa.  Then the shop keeper tells us (rudely) to get out of the store (but not the old man) and we hadnt even said anything about africa.  We left that area quickly.  My friend and I think the shop keeper might have been libyan and it could have to do with the current libyan situation. Nonetheless it was a bizarre situation and we were happy to get out of there.

Tonight I am going on a bateau-mouche.  It is another educo event and i am kind of excited about it.  It is a little tourist-y but I think it zill be fun.  In some ways I feel like I am in between a true parisienne resident and a touriste.  It is a weird mixture of the two for the things I do.  I am more familiar than a touriste but not familirar enough to be a real resident.

I am sorry there are no photos in this post. I am at a bibliotheque with a weird key board and without camera.

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  1. Will you please write about the Loire Valley. I would love to visit there. Maybe you can give some tips. Sounds like fun except for being thrown out of the store. I hope you avoid that place in the future. Enjoy every day in this experience of a lifetime.

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