One Bag!! Two Bag??


Yes, that’s right.  I packed enough belongings for the next four months (living in the fashion capital of the world) in one suitcase… and it shut!  So how’d I do it?  I’ll give a brief overview of what I packed (On a side note, this reminded me of an article I read when I was packing to first go to college, click here).  I’ve also been packing for the past week, so some of the items I’m not positive if they made it in so I have a few ranges for items.  Here’s a summary of the major players:

  • Bottoms
    • 2 blue jeans (1 skinny, 1 straight leg)
    • black pants (nice-ish)
    • 2 high waisted knee length skirts (**these are my favorite, in  dark gray&navy)
    • 1 fun frilly skirt
  • tops
    • 2 long sleeve collared button ups
    • 5 blouses (various colors/styles)
    • 3  t-shirts
  • undershirts/camis
    • 5 in various basic colors
  • sweaters
    • 5 cardigans (teal, olive, black, eggplant, asymmetrical gray)
    • 3-4 pull over sweaters
    • 3 super warm zip up sweaters
  • dresses
    • sweater dress
    • casual black dress
    • fancy dress
  • Jackets
    • adorable teal pleated rain jacket
    • red peacoat
  • Shoes
    • black flats
    • nude flats
    • black heels
    • black snow/rain boots
    • high heeled fashionable boots
    • floral print sneakers
  • Accessories
    • scarves (5-8)
    • gloves
    • umbrella
    • iron

Plus the obvious, toothbrush, shampoo, etc. which I assumed you’d assume.

So I was super proud of my compacted packing ability, only to run into the problem that my suitcase is over weight.  And I’m not talking like 1 pound over weight and I’ll just carry a shoe with me so I don’t have to pay the overweight charges (yes, my family has done this on numerous occasions), but a whole 10 pounds over the allowed 50 pounds.  Then I remembered that sometimes international flights allow more than 50 pounds, so maybe I’d get lucky.  As I was checking into my flight, I find out that IcelandAir allows not one, but two checked bags free of charge for flights internationally! While I had really hoped to just have one suitcase and a super big purse, it looks like I’ll be taking a second suitcase free of charge with only a few things in it (so that means room to bring things home?).  I find it funny that I’d probably get charged extra for having one suitcase over weight, so instead I bring a second suitcase so my total weight will be more… but that’s how it works I guess.  So that’s how I went from one suitcase to two suitcases, one black suitcase and one blue suitcase (I hope someone got my Dr. Seuss reference!).

Tomorrow I leave the country!!!!

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