Liste de tâches

My Paris To Do List!

I marked three very important things off my Paris To Do list today!

  1. CHIPOTLE in Paris!!! I have missed Mexican food so very much in Paris (and even in Ithaca).  Yes, yes, yes, I know Chipotle isn’t real Mexican food, but it’s sure good Americanized Mexican food!  It actually just came to Paris this past Spring 🙂  Now it was about twice the price of Chipotle in America…. but I took an extra shift tutoring that morning so I was willing to splurge!
  2. Sacré Coeur – This is the second most famous church in Paris (with Notre Dame as the most famous).  This church is up in the very northern part of Paris and it’s only one métro stop away from the Red Light district… (I warn against going there at night).  To ensure a safe trip, I went with my friend Amory at 2pm on a rainy Saturday.. sounds like as safe of time as any.  Be wary of pickpockets in this region.  Also, be weary of  “nice” men who try every so hard to tie strings onto your wrists, they will then make you pay for them and I’ve heard horror stores of people who’ve had their wallets stolen like this.  I had been warned so when the approached me with string, I gave a very firm and very American “NO!” hehe 🙂 The outside view of Sacré Coeur (Sacred Heart) is beautiful!!! Now it is on top of Montmartre so it’s got a great panoramic view of Paris when you get to the top.  We opted to take the funiculaire up the hill to the top (We were just lazy and we both have unlimited métro passes so it was free.  For anyone touring the area, just walk up the stairs along the side or in the pretty garden… It’s really not that far and the short, cramped ride is truly not worth 1 euro 70 per person!).   The Basilica is breath-taking.  It is truly worth visiting (with appropriate precautions of course).  Photos weren’t allowed inside the church so I don’t have much to show, but I truly found it worth the visit for the beautiful church.  I can’t even begin to fathom how it was built without the modern technology we have today!
  3. Versailles – You know, that famous castle where Louis XVI lived… that caused a huge world famous revolution! The castle was HUGE! I got to see the famous hall of mirrors (which only has mirrors on one wall!) and the symmetry between the king’s and queen’s bedrooms!  I’ve added a huge gallery full of photos.  Using my student ID and paris métro pass I was able to go to Versailles and enter the castle, I only had to pay to see the gardins (and even still I got a student discount!).  The gardins had just started to change into fall colors so it was gorgeous! There was music playing throughout the gardins with hidden speakers!

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