Journey Begins

Here are some photos from the bus tour, sorry they’re taken out of a bus! I would upload more but the hotel internet is slow


I waited in my room, met my lovely roommate, and we went to orientation.  After a short meet and greet, we embarked on a 2 hour bus tour of paris (in French of course).  Exhausted, but I saw the lovely sights of Paris.

Upon returning to the hotel I had the most daunting task of all: calling my host family.  I hate talking on the phone. I hate talking on the phone in English, now I have to do it with a local Parisien in French!? Well I was shaking and talked super fast, and misunderstood parts, but the host family offered to come pick me up tomorrow! I’m super stoked about that.  However, I accidentally said my class ended at 18:00 , when it’s really 16:00, but by the time I get to the hotel it will be around 17:00 so I can just wait for a little.

I met some lovely girls from Tulane and a friend from Cornell and we went out to a close French café and had dinner.  I had something of a piece of country bread, with about 5 different types of cheeses, with sun dried tomatoes and pesto on top and a side salad and fries.  It was delicious, especially for being the first real meal in 24 hours!

Tomorrow morning orientation starts.  After a 30 min metro ride finding the office, we get a briefing on day to day life, living with a host family, etc before lunch. I’m going to try to buy a notebook and a phone during lunch.  Then we have a 3 hour long French intensive course after lunch everyday for the next week.  I got placed in level 3 of 4.  We don’t exactly know what the levels mean, but from what I can tell, I think I’m in the second highest level so I feel pleased.

The couch turned into two single beds, my roommate and I spent a half hour figuring that one out.  The shower is beyond confusing and without a door or curtain, just a sort of shield, and the mechanism to switch from tub to head was impossible.  I’m glad I’m only staying here one night–it’s confusing!


2 thoughts on “Journey Begins

  1. So happy your journey has begun so well. We are reading your blog daily and enjoying it. You have made wise choices. I am so proud of you. How nice to be close to Norte Dame. See it again for me. Have a wonderful time!
    I love you, Mom

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