Host family?? I hope!!

So I leave soon!!!  I’m getting excited and nervous.  I had a (mini)conversation in French today and I’m scared. The first days will be rough until I remember everything and get into the right mindset

I’m still unaware of if I have a host family or not.  I will find out once I arrive in Paris (I mentioned before that I’ll be in a hotel at the beginning anyway).  If I have a host family, I’ll need to get them a gift.  If I don’t have a host family, I’ll have to find some use for the gift (remember I’m only taking one suitcase so space is tight).

Initially I thought maybe something like a Cornell shirt.  At the same time, I don’t know IF I have a family, and I definitely don’t know how many people, certainly not their shirt sizes, etc.  So that idea was quickly ruled out.  With the help of my mom and grandma, we decided something like food would be a great idea (Plus, if I end up not having a family I’ll just eat it).

And so, today I got some great items that represent where I’m from.  I first found some Finger Lakes Chocolate (If you don’t know what the Finger Lakes are, see Finger Lakes).  I chose two exotic flavors: chipotle chocolate and Earl Grey chocolate.  Then I found some great tea (originating from California) in a great Açaí green tea flavor.  Lastly I got some apple butter (originating from upstate NY as well).  I figured I could talk about all the great Apple culture at Cornell (fresh Cornell Apple Cider, apple orchards, apple cider doughnuts at the farmers market, Applefest).  All these great items I found at a nice local shop with a few branches called Ithaca Bakery.  So that was it, my gifts for the host family!

Meanwhile at the grocery store I picked up a box of granola bars as munchies on the plane and for my first few days incase the eating schedule and my jet lag don’t match up!  Also, here’s a fun article: this Guy had a special “attraction” to the Eiffel Tower.

Once I finish packing, I’ll post about my packing list and how I managed to fit it all in one suitcase!!!

Au Revoir!

One thought on “Host family?? I hope!!

  1. Sounds delicious! They will savour the treats and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Have fun every step of the way…you will remember this forever!

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