Examen Orale

Possibly the scariest thing I’ve ever heard, and I just survived it!!!

The professor emailed me on Tuesday night to tell me that I would have to do one on Thursday morning.  When he arrived on Thursday  morning, he walked me to a classroom and asked me a question…. Immediately I had to respond to the question… no time to think, no time to analyse… and my instant response is my entire grade for the entire course…. very very very stressful.  The professor is a very intimidating man… and he is a very bizarre man who is very theoretical.

So he asked his question: the role of transference for Freud when he did translations during the preanalytique before he created psychanalyse.  And so I talked… I rambled, I mentioned lots of things… repeated things he had said in class hoping it was relevant.  And then before I knew it, I was finishing up my thoughts and it was over…. I honestly can’t remember all of what I said, I was shaking with nervousness.  I held my hands tightly together so I wouldn’t fidget….

And now the waiting game…. I will wait a few months to see if I passed my hardest class…..

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