I went on another EDUCO organized day trip!  We took an early morning train to Chartres.  Paris actually has a really cool train system, with multiple train stations depending on what direction you’re headed.

Chartres is a small town of about 60,000 inhabitants.  We went for a walk around the centre of the city.  It was adorable with fall colors and a nice little river running through it.  We also saw ruins from when the city was fortified.

The city is  most known for its grand Cathedral: Notre-Dame de Chartres.  We walked through the huge cathedral.  We actually got an interesting explanation of the stained glass and the stories within them.  The cathedral was having construction inside so it was rather noisy.  It also had an interesting floor pattern representing a labyrinth to ressemble the process of finding God.  They also have an artifact that is part of the veil of virgin Mary.

After the cathedral, we went out to lunch and I had a phenomenal ravioli with mushrooms! After lunch we went to a museum and workshop where they make stained glass.  We got a full tour and learned how to make stained glass and watched the people working in the shop!  They actually make it all using paper first, then find the glass color, then cut the glass, then mold the inner filling in between the glass pieces.  They use special scissors to cut the paper that have three blades so they can cut out extra space for the inner filling.

My overall impression was great! The town was simply adorable! I actually enjoyed it more than Amiens because the town was cleaner, smaller, and more authentic.  I was super lucky to have nice weather!

Feel free to check out my photos!!

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